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Since 2012, Operation Broken Silence has been funding emergency relief missions into an isolated corner of the Nuba Mountains that is off the beaten path of what few emergency relief efforts exist. Nearly 22,000 people here rely on the relief we bring in to survive the government of Sudan's humanitarian blockade and attacks from government militias.

These people have been living under these conditions since June of 2011, when the Sudanese government launched a relentless campaign of terror and death against their communities. Aid and media organizations have been banned from visiting the war zone in a bid to cover up government crimes. The plight of the people living here is completely off the world's radar. This is the bad news. 

But there is hope. With the help of hundreds of people around the world, we are ignoring this humanitarian blockade and bringing desperately need food, seed stock, and basic medicines directly to these people. These relief missions are the only way to directly help the people braving these conditions. And that is where you come in. 

Each mission is made possible by the fundraisers and donors to this campaign. We invite you to join these efforts by clicking Become A Fundraiser above, signing up, and then asking your friends and family to help you reach your goal. Together we can help our friends in Sudan. 

Additional Ways To Get Involved

We understand that not everyone has time to fundraise. That's okay! Here's two additional ways you can make an impact on the ground in the Nuba Mountains:

1. Give Monthly. You can give once a month to these efforts. Signing up takes less than a minute and comes off your card each month. START GIVING MONTHLY =>

2. Give Once. Not sure if you're ready to fundraise or give monthly yet? Pitch in a couple of bucks and, as soon as we have an update from a relief mission, we'll send you an email showing you how your funds were used. GIVE =>

3. Share The Death March story. In June of 2013, a large group of people fleeing this area of the Nuba Mountains due to a lack of food were hunted for 5 days as they made their way to a refugee camp. Our organization was the first to break news of this story. You can share it by copy/pasting the below message to Facebook and Twitter:

The story of 344 refugees who fled starvation and murder in the Nuba Mountains of #Sudan: https://medium.com/@OBSilence/death-march-ff5151595bd3#.friw1q3et

About Operation Broken Silence

The people of Sudan are overcoming two of the greatest challenges facing humanity today: war and genocide. Operation Broken Silence is working to accelerate their ability to generate lasting change through storytelling, education, advocacy, and emergency relief programs. You can learn more about us at obsilence.org

Interested in seeing our results on the ground? From time to time we post new photos from relief missions. You can always find them here: https://500px.com/obsilence/galleries

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